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1st Edition Print Artist Signed CD Album “As I” by the Acoustics

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This 1st Edition Print CD is signed by singer, songwriter Jeanette Stofleth from The Acoustics. Only 1000 cd’s were produced in this first edition printing of the album “As I” which was released to the public in 2017. Only 20 signed CD’s are being offered to the public at this time. Great album for any serious music lovers collection. 



350gsm art paper

Printed: CMYK printing both sides

Surface finish: glossy UV varnishing both sides + silver foil edges

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Size: 76*127mm, round corner 3.5mm

Care Instructions

Cleansing Tarot cards I allows for more accurate readings. Moonbathing your cards in the window with your favorite clear quartz Crystal, amethyst, and/or diamond along with metal (copper, silver, or gold) will enhance your charging. Knock your cards between your palms prior to a read to clear energetic fields, Smudge your cards with sage or incense before and after readings or as needed. Wave your cards above a candle flame to clear negative energies. Use a singing bowl to open up the vibrations of the universe to you the reader. This also helps clear the space of any negative energies present. Handle cards with care by using a cloth base for your cards. Store cards in a cool and dry space. Use rubber band to bind cards or velvet bag to hold cards together for safe storage.